We Came Aboard During the 60's
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Adair, Michael Address: 3642 High Pine Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33065
Spouse: Janet Phone: 954-801-4878 
Years/Date on board: 1966-1969 Rate/Rank on board:STG2
Email: Michael@Adaircpa.com
Comments: I would really like to get back in contact with some of my Sonar buddys and Kirk Evans who was one of our Division Officers.

Adams, Fred Address: 2012 Warren Ct North Augusta SC 29860
Spouse: Marilyn Phone: 803-279-8816
Years/Date on board:1966-1967 Rate/Rank on board: Ens/Lltjg
Email: fremarad@comcast.net

Alston, Cotten Address: Atlanta, Ga 
Years on board: 1968 Rate/Rank on board: LTJG 
Email: rca3@mindspring.com

Alvarez, Conrado Address: 849 Brady Ave Alamo, Texas 78516
Spouse: Frances Phone: 956 279 3464
Years On board: 1962- 1964 Rate/Rank on board: MR3
Email: conradoalvarez@att.net
Comments: The good old days on the Claud Jones

Bailey, Donald M. Address: PO Box 101 Fitzwilliam, NH 03447
Spouse: Gale S. Bailey Phone: 1-603-585-2282 Fax: same
Years on board: 67-68 Rate/Rank on board: EN3 
Comments: Great Ship! I loved it! 

Barr, Roger Address: Orlando FL
Spouse: Gloria Years/Date on board: 1/69 - 8/72 Rate/Rank on board: ETN2
Email: rbarr@cfl.rr.com

Beck, Bob Address: 14 Farragut Way Holden, MA
Spouse: Cindy
Years/Date on board: 66 67 Rate/Rank on board: FTG3
Email: rbeck.jr@gmail.com
Comments: It was great finding the web site. Sorry so few of the sailors I sailed with haven't found it yet. I first walked across the Quarter Deck as the ship got underway for hurricane evasion. Had a great time on the Azores tour and the port change to Pearl. Threw off the last line as the ship got underway for sea trials after dry dock in Pearl. My best to all of you and I hope more shipmates find us.

Bessenger, Frank Address: 37931 Southview Ave.Dade City, FL 33525
Spouse: Melinda Wynn Phone: 352-567-5316
Years/Date on board: 1961-1962 Rate/Rank on board: LTJG
Email: fbessenger@tampabay.rr.com
Comments: USNA Class of 1960, Supply & Disbursing Officer, OOD & CIC watch underway

Betts, Dennis   Address: 553 Highbury Park, Sarnia Ontario, Canada N7V2K1
 Spouse: Cathy      Phone  :519-332-0358
 Years/Date on board:1966-1968  Rate/Rank on board:DK3
Email:  de.betts@hotmail.com
 Comments: Reason I was assigned to the Claud Jones was because my brother Richard was stationed on her for just about all of the 4 years he was in. When in-transit in Philly they asked if I had any relatives in the Navy and I told them yes- Richard. When asked if I wanted to be with him I had to think about it. Hawaii!! Are you kidding me it took me about 2 seconds and I said of course I would. We had a Great time while we were together and many fond memories. I will never forget the expression on his face the day I arrived- it was party time after that. Well on Sept 20 2013 I lost my brother Dick due to Cancer and I truly miss him. I have been putting off signing up on this web site only because I haven't taken the time. I know Dick will be happy now that I have signed up as he was so proud to have served in the Navy and served on the USS Claud Jones.

Betz, Rev.Dennis Address: 11210 Auburn Ave # 34 Adelanto Ca. 9231-2099
Spouse: Divorced Phone: 760-246-9059
Years/Date on board: 1965-1969 Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email: DevineSvt@aol.com 
Comment: Hey Mac What Ever Happened To Them Good Old Days? They're Gone And We Are Older,,,lol We Had One Hell Of A Time On The Indian Ocean Cruise. Well Take Care All Of You Old Ship Mates Of Mine And God Bless them That Served On The Good Old Girl God Bless. Rev. Betz

Bressel, Herman Address: 645 Ohio Ave # 407 Long Beach CA 90814
Spouse: Francoise Phone: 562-434-8509
Years/Date on board: 1960 - 1961 Rate/Rank on board: RM2
Email: hermanb@dslextreme.com
Comments: My entire tour aboard the Jones was as a sonar school ship. Went to
France for shore duty afterwards. Got married at the end of my 4+ years there. Went onto several more ships and overseas duty. Retired from USN as RMC.Still working, with almost 25 years with a container ship company in Long Beach, Ca. 

Brezovar, Adolphe "Breeze" Address: 80 Eagle Cliff DriveBay Village, OH 44140
Phone: 440-835-1112 Years/Date on board: 1960 - 1961 Rate/Rank on board: RD3
Email: breezeb@oh.rr.com

Buckwalter, James R. Address: Ramona OK
Years/Date on board: 66-67 Rate/Rank on board: EN-3
Email: wendy@lyonsinc.com
Comments: My father passed away in 1995 of agent orange cancer. I just recieved his military papers. I have been trying to find any stories.

Buzza, Glenn Address: 138 Colonial Drive, Clinton, PA 15026
3689 Treasure Island Street, Big Pine Key, Fl 33043
Spouse: Carolanne Phone: 724-378-5893 / 305-872-1492
Years/Date on board: June '62 / May '65 Rate/Rank on board: LTJG
Email: glenn33043@glennmachine.com

Callahan, William (Bill) Address: 203 South Shore Blvd, Lackawanna, NY 14218
Spouse: Diane Phone: (716) 826-7057
Years/Date on board:1962-63 Rate/Rank on board: FN
Email: A6Intrude@aol.com
Comments: I just found this site and was surprised to see some of the photos and names I remember. I'm sure there are many who are glad this site is here. It's been a long time and the Naval Station Annex in Key West along with the Main side are now just a memory. Interesting how time changes things yet in your minds eye they are still the same. As for me I'm married 40 years now to a great girl, three grown kids, a daughter and two sons, one son married another getting there July 4th 09. Daughter is still looking. I'm also a member of U S Coast Guard Auxiliary and hold the Office of Public Affairs Officer for Division 3 here in Western New York. Until two years ago I was the District PAO for the Coast Guard Auxiliary 9th Eastern Region,and had 10 Flotillas under me across three states. As for many of you with whom I served, I have often wonder how life has been for you. I saw the Picture of Doc, and remember him well. Well, for now I'll leave the door open, stop by and say hi if you have a few minutes. 

Case Bob, Address:32 Country Club Dr. Destin, FL 32541
 Spouse: Vicki
 Years/Date on board:66-67 Rate/Rank on board: ?
 Email: rbc345@aol,com

Cassano, Ed
Year/Date on board: 1964-1967  Rate/Rank EN2
Email: airelab05@gmail.com

Chalmers, Donald  Address: 1538 98th  N Grove  OK  74344
Spouse: Sharon  Phone: 918-786-8168
Year on board: 60-63  Rate/Rank: ENFN
Email:  donchalmers62@yahoo.com

Christensen, Larry Address: LaJolla, CA Spouse: Bobbie
Years on board: 1966-1969 Rate/Rank on board: EMFA, EMFN, EM3, EMFN 
Email: ljsea@yahoo.com
Comments: Notice the rating change over the years! I remember the many trips to Midway Island while we were chasing Russian missile debris. Spent a wonderful New Years Eve with the Gooney Birds. We spent a lot of time in the Indian Ocean, based out of Mauritias, also chasing missile debris. We used all of our monoply money in the bars in Madagascar. Madagascar was also the place where we had a lot of missing white hats???, and I believe we had one guy completely swap uniforms with a guy From the British Navy. Also, can't forget crossing the equator and ceremony that took place on the trip. Also visited Kenya, Malaysia, Perth Australia, where a Japanese trawler ran into us, Melbourne and American Samoa, where we contibuted to a blood shortage on the Island. 

Clay, James Address: 2034 Judge Brown Road Valley, Al. 36854
Phone: 334-756-3067
Years/Date on board: May 63 to May 66 Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email: jamesclay352@gmail.com; or bogator@live.com
Comments:This is a great website. I also worked for Fisher,saw him in 68 in W.Memphis Ar.

Cleary, Thomas D.(ST1 Retired) Address: Edinburg, Texas
Years on board: 1969 Rate/Rank on board: ST1
Email: cleart@rgv.rr.com
Comments: I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. I am currently in the Behavioral Sciences Dept. at UT-Pan American. 

Cole, John Address: PO box 512443 Spouse: Eunice Phone: 941 979 6522
Years/Date on board: 1960-1963 Rate/Rank on board: TM3
Email: keekee728comcast.net Comments: lets have a reunion

Cole, John O "Mickey Address: 701 Del Ray Place Punta Gorda FL 33950-7716
Spouse: Dona Phone: 941-639-6351
Years/Date on board: 59-63 Rate/Rank on board: BM3
Email: bountybay@copper.net

Creekmur, Jim Address: Mason City , Iowa 50401
Phone: 641-425-1025
Years/Date on board: 1966-1967 Rate/Rank on board: SK2
Email: jkalbright@mchsi.com
Comments: I remember Panama Canal::::: Pearl:::: and Alaska sunset ; and dischared Aug 1967 

Crewe, William Address: 1445 Malibu Circle unit 111 Palm Bay, Florida 32905
Spouse: Deceased Phone: 321-327-4158
Years/Date on board: 8/62-2/66 Rate/Rank on board: EN3
Email: bill.crewe@yahoo.com
Comments: Love the website!! Include me online THIS IS MY NEW ADDRESS IN FLORIDA....

Davis, Richard Address: post office box 359 Volcano, CA.95689
Spouse: Barbara Phone: 209-296-3639
Years/Date on board: 1961-1965 Rate/Rank on board: QM3
Email: rad1040@msn.com
Comments: Interested in connecting with any of the crew or officers during my hitch

Delacruz, John Address: Oakland, Ca.
Spouse: Gloria Years/Date on board: 1969-71 Rate/Rank on board: E-3

Donnelly, Arthur Address: 6900 SW 195th Ave #238 Beaverton,Or 97007
Spouse:Divorced Phone: 503-642-1151
Years/Date on board: 69-71 Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email: donnelly9915@comcast.net

Dostal, Ronald Address: 7060 Johnson Circle, Longmont, CO 80503
Spouse: Janet Phone: 303-652-8045
Years/Date on board: 1960-1963 Rate/Rank on board: Ltjg
Email: RonJanD@MSN.com

Doubroff, Jerome (Jerry) Address: 20 La Quinta Loop, Pinehurst, N.C. 28374
Spouse: Pam Phone: 910-215-8009
Years/Date on board: 12/63-8/65 Rate/Rank on board: Lieutenant, XO
Email: pamsterd@embarqmail.com

Dunn, Joseph E Address: Savannah Georgia
Spouse: Linda (Ken) Phone: 912 897 2605
Years/Date on board: 62-64 Rate/Rank on board: ENS-LTJG
Comments: Reported just prior to the Cuban crisis. Transferred July 64.

DuShole, Rich    Address: 506 Windward Way​ Greer, SC 29650
Spouse:  Chris    Phone: 864-380-8437
Years/date on board:  1969-1971   Rate/Rank on Board: TM3
Email:  deepcmud@gmail.com
Comment: Retired BMCS (sw Dv)

Edmonson, Jim Address: Cape Coral, FL 
Years on board: 62-64 Rate/Rank on board: ST 
Comment: Attempting to find other shipmates & officers from the same time frame. I was originally from Terre Haute, IN. Thanks for starting this web site 

Enstam, David Address:16511 Quince st. Holland, MI 29424
Spouse: Sheila Phone: 616 399-6571
Years/Date on board: Jan. 1963 thru Sept. 1963 Rate/Rank on board: STG2

Finn, Charles (Chuck) Address: 19244 Caribbean Ct. Tequesta, Florida 33469
Spouse: Lisa Phone: 561-743-6323
Years/Date on board: 4/16/1966 - 6/9//1967 Rate/Rank on board: RD3
Email: finncjf@aol.com

Frederick, Roger Address: 825 Hilltop Rd. Waterloo, IA. 50701
Spouse: Kim Phone: 319-233-9692
Years/Date on board: !966-67 Rate/Rank on board: STG2
Email: refrederick@mchsi.com
Comments: Retired from John Deere 35 yrs.

Friedhaber, Robert J. Address: 41 Autumn Wood Rochester, NY 14624
Spouse: Debra Phone: 585-889-1063
Years on board: 66-67 Rate/Rank on board: EN2
Email: declaudjones@gmail.com
Comment: I spent my time riding my cycle, Pegged the speedometer with flame coming out the exhaust, (stupid stupid me) and walking the beach. Been looking for a Claud Jones Site since 1997. Couldn't find one, so I made one!

Frondorf, John Address: Wayne,PA
Years on board: 1969 Rate/Rank on board: LTJG
Email: jfrondorf@beckerfrondorf.com

Fuller, Bobby D. Address: 1013 S. Pollock St Selma, North Carolina 27576
Spouse: Mary Phone: 919-965-3954
Years/Date on board: 4-64 - 5-66 Rate/Rank on board: EM3

Garner, Billy R. Address: Burlington NC 27215 Spouse:Vonda
Years/Date on board: 10/66 - 10/69 Rate/Rank on board: STSA/STG2
Email: billyvondag@hotmail.com
Comment: OCTOBER 66 - OCTOBER 69 STGSA to STG2 while on board. Stayed in USNR for 24 more years. Retired as STGCS Served on many ships during those years DD's, DLG's, FF's, MSO, and FFG's but none measure up to the Naughty Claudie. Alaska tour,Yokosuka,Indian Ocean,Subic Bay (transited Gulf of Tonkin), Mauritius, Madagascar, Kenya, Pago Pago, Malaysia, Australia. Looking for STG2 James A. Woollet,aka Gopher. Thanks for the Web site and memories.billyg 

Gibbons, Jim Address: Las vegas NV
Spouse: Sallie Years/Date on board: 3.5 62-66 Rate/Rank on board: STG2
Email: jsg4245@cox.net
Comments: After living in Anchorage Ak. for 26 years we finally got tired of the cold and moved here.I work for Golden Gaming Inc.in the GRO division.I'am the lead bench technician for Golden Gaming Nevada.I love my job and will work as long as I can.On my days off I ride my motorcycle.Kawasaki KLR650.We also like visiting the different casinos.Health good considering I will be 69 this year.Sorry I can not make the reunion

Gorham, Richard F. Address: 4 Bramble Circle Rockland MA 02370
Spouse: Barbara Phone: (781) 878-0982
Years/Date on board: 60-62 Rate/Rank on board: EN2
Email: richgorham@verizon.net
Comment: Great Ship

Gross, Harold Address: 6207 Miller Lane Hillsboro, Ohio 45133
Spouse: Mary G. Gross Phone: (937) 393-1188 Fax: (937) 393-0650
Years/Date on board: 66-67 Rate/Rank on board: TM3
Email: ww7953@dragonbbs.com
Comments: When is the reunion?

Heavey, Robert  PO Box 3209  Arnold, CA   
Years/Date on board:1966-1968   Rate/Rank on board: SN, TM3
Email:  rmheavey@yahoo.com

Hoffman, jack 134 blue ridge dr statesboro, ga
Spouse: Terri Phone: 912 489 0552
Years/Date on board: 67-70 Rate/Rank on board: SN-BM3
Email: jhoffman1010@yahoo.com
Comment: Great to see this website. Many good memories of the ship and crew.Would love to hear from old shipmates

Holland, Anthony G. (Tony)  Address: 3964 Candlenut Lane Dallas, TX 75244-6606
 Years/Date on board:11/20/67 - 10/08/68   Rate/Rank on board:ETSN - ETN3 (OE Division under LTJG Michaels)
Email: planetocean@earthlink.net
 Comments:Indian Ocean Cruise / Brother Duty - SN Steve Holland in Deck Division

Horn, Billy E. Address: Arkansas Spouse: Betty
Years/Date on board: 1964-66 Rate/Rank on board: HMC/HMCS
Email: bebjh2423@aol.com

Huddleson, Raymond Address: 1255 N Hamilton Rd PMB 188 Gahanna, Ohio 43230
Spouse: Carol Phone: 1-614-208-0068
Years/Date on board: 1960-1962 Rate/Rank on board: PC3
Email: Maxhudd@aol.com

Hunter, Joe Address: Texas
Years on board: Early 60's Rate/Rank on board: ST Email: joe77072@aol.com 
Comment: Went on fallex 60 cruse. Basically in and out of Key West daily training sonar school students.
Got out in March 1962, at New Port RI. after returning from an ori trials in Gitmo. I was a sonar tech 

Johnson, Dale Address: 5107olive branch rd.#139 Plain city,OH.
Spouse: Dora Phone: 614 879 4092 cell: 614 306 1298
Years/Date on board: 64 - 67 Rate/Rank on board: EN3
comments: Worked in the #2 engine room among other things. Does anybody know the whereabouts of Bill Crew or the little guy they called sweetpea? If so give me a call. P.S. Have been in contact Ron Nester, Richard Betts, Shortreed.

Johnson, Don Los Angeles Phone: 213 430 4000
Years/Date on board: 1969-1971 Rate/Rank on board: ENS-LTJG
Email: DJohnson@AmericanBusinessBank.com
Comments: web page AmericanBusinessBank.com

Kaye, G. Thomas Address: 6414 Corsica Way
Spouse: Janet Phone: (858) 277-6973
Years/Date on board: 1966-68 Rate/Rank on board: Comm Officer/LTjg
Email: tka@san.rr.com
Comments: Of all the cruises, that Indian Ocean trip was certainly something special

Kent, Michael Address: 50 Moonpenny Lane, Chatham, Ma. 02633
Spouse: Judie Phone: 508 945 4025
Years/Date on board: 4/63 - 9/64 Rate/Rank on board: Ensign
Email: mkent@williambmeyer.com
Comments: My experience on the USS Claud Jones was one of a lifetime. I still talk of those days at sea off Cuba.

Keohane, Patrick Address: 714 Meramec Lane Nixa, MIssouri 65714
Spouse: Ann Phone: 417 725 8328
Years/Date on board: 1962-64 Rate/Rank on board: SN 1st
Email: pkeoh10471@aol.com
Comments: Worked under Fisher BM1 on the deck crew. My buddy John Scholz and I were together on board after high school. We were "deck apes" and enjoyed our time on board the USS Claude Jones. Wish we could hear from some of our old buddies.

Kertes, Albert Spouse:Jane
Years/Date on board:1962 Rate/Rank on board: RM1

Key, Randall Address: 2438 Chestnut Log Loop Lithia Springs, GA 30122
Spouse: Barbara Key Phone: 770-739-7938
Years/Date on board: 1964-65 Rate/Rank on board: RD2
Email: rkeyretired@yahoo.com

Kirkpatrick, Richard (Ken) Address: 7159 Swinnea Ridge
Phone: 901-301-8258
Years/Date on board: 66-68 Rate/Rank on board: Seaman - started as BM and moved into radar repair after a few months
Email: rkirkpatrick4@comcast.net
Comments: An oppurtunity of a lifetime. Great ship! Great crew! 

Klugh, David Year on Board 1966 Rate ETN2

Kneipp, John A Address: Santee, CA 
Years on board: 1967 Rate/Rank on board: LTJG
Email: dosjaks@cox.net
Comment: I'm living in San Diego having retired from the Navy as both a civil servant and as a Naval Reservist. After nearly 42 years they've told me I have had enough fun and that I should do other stuff.

Kozak, Mark Address: 62 Riverwood Drive New Hampton NH 03256
Spouse: Kathleen Phone: 603 744 9554
Years/Date on board: 1962/1963 Rate/Rank on board: RM3
EmaComments: Had a great time watching the SSN George Washington on her sea trials. Also did the Cuban Blockade. Stopped a couple of Ivan's freighters with missles on them.

Kuhn, John Address: 412 Marcus Rd. Middletown De. 19709
Spouse: Carol Kuhn Phone: 302-437-6650
Years/Date on board: 1964 - 1967 (Dec.) Rate/Rank on board: 3 Class Gunner's Mate
Email: ripkuhn@verizon.net 

Langston, Albert  Address:4809 N Eugene St. Boise, ID 83703
 Spouse: Shelli  Years/Date on board:1968  Rate/Rank on board: PN3
 Email:   albertlangston@cableone.net
 Comments:Only on board a few months during Indian Ocean cruise of '68. Good times.

Lemons, Patrick J. Address: 4392 HAMMERTON DR. COLUMBUS OHIO 43228
Spouse: DIVORCED Phone: 1=614-276-3258
Years/Date on board: 8/61-4/64 Rate/Rank on board: SA,SN,YNSN,YN3

Lish, Art Address:16803 Black Kettle Dr., Leander, TX 78641
Spouse: Susan Phone: 512.528.1772
Years/Date on board:12-1964 to 3-1967 Rate/Rank on board: LTjg
Email: alish@cbunited.com

Lodewyck, Henri Address: CLARENDON HILLS IL. Spouse: SANDY
Phone: 630-323-5893 Years/Date on board: 60/62 Rate/Rank on board: EN2

Lyda, Lewis Address: 2076 Old Clear Creek Road Hendersonville, N.C. 28792
Spouse: Betty (dec) Phone: 864-915-9586
Years/Date on board: 1966-1967 Rate/Rank on board: RD3
Email: Lewislyda@gmail.com
Comments:Just happened to find the Claude Jones website. Came on board in Key West right a major hurricane and did the Sonar School, Missile Shoots, Azore visit, Cuba visit with gunnery practice. Then was moved to Pearl Harbor through the Panama Canal, attended ECM/ECCM School at Ford Island. Good memories of many of our shipmates.

Marks, Harry Address: Santa Rosa, CA
Years on board: 64-65 Rate/Rank on board: EN3
Email: harryellenmarks@earthlink.net
Comment: I served on the Claud Jones from May 1964 to June 1965.
My most lasting memories are of my first visit to San Juan PR and the visits to Bermuda and to the Azores. The steering gear had a major problem and we had to use the hand steering pumps for the trip back. I visited the ship in Indonesia in 1999 while doing a port visit. It just was not the same. 

McClintick, Byron L. Years on board: 1966 Rate/Rank on board: DC3

McDevitt, Robert L. (Mack) Address: 1302 W.Balboa St, Kuna, Idaho 83634-
Spouse: Joanne Phone: 208-922-1555 Fax: (208) 922-1555
Years on board: 1965- 1969 Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email: mack777_45@msn.com
Comments: I was with 1st. Division. Was with the ship when she was still doing sonar school ops in the Keys, did the polaris crews, Urmuda, Azoes, Gitmo,The canal, Peral,The shot in the Northern and Southern Pac. mille ranges, went to the Indian ocean Kenyaect... Was the bow hook when we were tranfering equipment from one of the USNS ships and the weather was bad and the side of the whale boat was crushed all the boats frames were busted. One of those fun days we used to have. Remember the time we went into anest of Russion ships and they chased us out with traulers. Had one of the sub in the nest with a tender. The sweat was thick on the bridge that day. Brings back old memories. She was a grand old girl. Miss some of the old days. Mack 

Meese, George    3072 East Vina del Mar  St Pete Beach FL  33706
Spouse:  Karen    Years/date on board: 1968-1971     Rate//Rank on board:   LT. Operation Officer
​Email:  meesegp@ecker.edu
Comments:  All the best to all Shipmates

Metzger, Wilbert Chester (Bert)
Years/Date on board: 63-66 Rate/Rank on board: ET3
Email: metzgerbert@yahoo.com
Comments: Mr. 'Mike' was the officer I reported to, Ron Raymer was the other ET on board, I left in May of 66'.

Mikolajczyk, Ronald Address: 4389 Malia St Apt 227 Honolulu, Hi 
Spouse: Nancy Phone: 808 218-7262
Years/Date on board:1964-1966 Rate/Rank on board: Ltjg/LT OPS Officer
Email: rmiko@hawaii.rr.com
Comments: Spent 1 1/2 yrs in Key West on various assignments besides Sonar School; enjoyed the Submarine missile shoot observations and the voyage to Pearl Harbor via the Panama Canal. Departed CJones shortly after arriving Pearl and was assigned to COMASWFORPAC as ACOS Force Communications. Then on to command of USS Moctobi (ATF-105)which took us to numerous Vietnam tours afloat. Returned to Pearl Harbor for duty on CINCPACFLT Staff as well As COMSERVFORPAC and after these assignments retired and went on to civilian life once again. I was fortunate to be selected to work for Kaiser Permanente Hawaii as Hospital Administrator (CEO) for 20 years and finally REALLY retired in 1995. 

Mills, Mike Address: Chesapeake, Va.
Spouse: Carolyn Phone: 757 482 9691
Years/Date on board: 1964-1966 Rate/Rank on board: RD3
Email: Millsmd@cox.net

Moore, Leon J. Address: Troutville, VA 
Years on board: 1963 (4 Months) Rate/Rank on board: SM1(RET)
Email: ljm2536@adelphia.net 
Comment: I was only aboard the Claud Jones for about four months in '63,
I was on loan from the John R Perry DE-1034. Both ships were assigned to the 
sonar school in Key West Fla. Our job was to take sonar students out to sea daily Mon thru Fri and ping on subs all day out at 8am and back by 4pm very good duty. I went to comcrudesflot 8 staff, then to Great Lakes to push recruits, then to the Gridley DLG-21 and then home.

Moore, Ray E Address: 5616 Cassons Neck Rd. Cambridge Md. 21613
Spouse: Robin Phone: 410-221-0792
Years/Date on board: 1965-1968 Rate/Rank on board: RM3
Email: rmoore34@verizon.net

Morales, Anastasio aka Junior Address: 76 Cray Terrace Fanwood NJ 07023
Years/Date on board: June 68-Mar 69 Rate/Rank on board:FTG3,FTGSN,FTG3
Email: a.j.morales@comcast.net
Comments: I guess I was one of the naughty's got busted in Australia for going on liberty while on report ,using E5's jumper and showed up just before pulling out of Aus. lost stripe 2 months pay 2 wk's extra duty piston blew in engine room spent time cleaning diesel off the bulkheads that wasn't too bad since last duty station was a pigboat SS Razorback; reading above Christensen . Larry sure shook up the overused and destroyed thru the years memory cells when the collision alarm when off and we where tied-up already I thought it was a Chinese scow. I used to hang out with deck-ape named Crockett for a while. I Forgotten thru the years names of shipmates. I was shocked to find this site while looking up a DD website caused by wanting to see was a Gearing Class DD looked like. Reading The Circle by David Poyer. While on board CJ used to maint radar and director for the 3 inch only other name I remember was a lifer Gunersmate MOSS. He was wonderful to work for (joke) had my crow reinstated without retaking exam became gung-ho brown nose and squared away swabby ; married a Canadian chick I met on Waikiki married at city hall Honolulu bestman or witness was from Tex. cant remember off hand his name think he was a snipe anyone this story sound familiar send me note anyone have full ship rosters all Divisions ??? some of the guys pix from 68 cruise sure do remember ... wish I was that age again with the knowledge I have now; electronics training in the Navy helped land me a tech job with ATT did that for 33 years till the econ crunch hit us will never forget the good times and the worst riding boat and high seas leaving Australia my HS ring was given to some Aussie chick in a dance hall in Perth or was that Melbourne ???? GREAT WORK ON THIS SITE. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES. 

Morris, Jerry Address: 260 Deavers Road, Purvis, MS 39475
Spouse: Sandra Morris Phone: 601-408-5022
Years/Date on board: 1963 to February 1965 Rate/Rank on board: SF3
Email: morjmorr@wildblue.net
il: n1pol@yahoo.com
Comments: Would love to hear from any shipmates.

Morrison, Ernie Address: 306 N. Brookwood, Derby Kansas 67037
Spouse: Patricia Phone: 316-788-1150 Fax: 316-788-3863
Years/Date on board:1968-1969 Rate/Rank on board: GM3

Mulrey, Edward Address: 16369 SW 14th Ave. Rd, Ocala, Fl 34473
Spouse: Rita   Phone: 352-789-4677
Years/Date on board: Nov 1969 to Nov 1970 Rate/Rank on board: SK1
Email: edandreet@cfl.rr.com
Comments: would like to find anyone who served on the ship during my time living here in Florida. Just missed the reunion. Looking for a CS3 Roy Miller if you have any info. He introduced me to my wife back in 1969--she was a wave stationed at FICPAC Hawaii.

Nabors, Chester Address: 4434 Reef Rd. Marietta, GA. 30144
Spouse:Single   Phone: 404-964-3899
Years/Date on board: 1967-1968 Rate/Rank on board: RD2
Email: chetnabors@aol.com
Comments: If I could only have appreciated at the time all the fun I had.

Nance, Millard    Address:Charleston, SC
Date on board:1967-1969   Rate/Rank on board:RM2
 Email:  nance.millard@gmail.com

Nelson, Ken Address: Oshkosh WI
Years/Date on board: 1960 - 1962 Rate/Rank on board: QM2

Nester, Ron Address: 9004 Miami Ridge Rd Columbus, In 47201
Spouse: Irene Phone: 812-526-5202
Years/Date on board:1964-1966 Rate/Rank on board: EN3
Email: pbr124mekongdlt@comcast.net
Comments: I worked in engine room #2.

Nichols, Harlan Address: 3109 Swallow Nest Dr Sacramento Ca 95833
Spouse: Sheryl Phone: 916 646 0354
Years/Date on board: 67-68 Rate/Rank on board: PNSN
Email: harlannichols@yahoo.com
Comments: worked in the ships office

Owens, Steve Address: Brandon, MS
Years/Date on board: Jan 1968-July 1968 Rate/Rank on board: E5
Email: Clearvue324@cs.com
Comments: I was on temporary assignment as a Communication Technican from Honolulu.

Parkhurst, Charles A. Address: 11074 Caroline Acres Rd Ft Mill, SC 29715
Spouse: Sharon Phone: 803-802-1768 or 704-564-8489 Fax: 803-802-1767
Years/Date on board: 1963-65 Rate/Rank on board: Ens/LTJG
Email: patiopls@aol.com
Comment: I served as 1st Lt and ASW Officer, based in Key West, FL, during the Cuban "deal" chasing Russian ships and snooping along the Cuban coast. Wish I had a "nickle" for every hedgehog attack I made during sonar school ops. Was lots of fun with a bunch of great guys. Have been trying to find old shipmates with a little success. This web site is great. Lets try to have a reunion.

Payne, Paul Address: 52 Via Capri Rancho Palos Verdes CA 90275
Spouse: Sheryle Phone: 310-544-1461
Years/Date on board: 12/68-6/70 Rate/Rank on board: FN/MR3
Email: dodgerstb1@cox.net
Comments: Memories include several trips to Midway. Stops at Kwajalien and 
Eniwetok and that miserable trip to the Bering Sea in January 1970. I was on 
boiler watch in the auxiliary engine room during the 52 degree roll to starboard. She was a good ship.

Pendleton, Arthur Address: 60 Overlook Dr. Rhinebeck, New York 12572
Spouse: Wanda Phone: 845-876-2225
Years/Date on board: 1/60 - 8/63 Rate/Rank on board: TM3

Perkins, David Address: 86 Austin CourtMurray, KY 42071
Spouse:Pam Phone: (270)753-7611
Years/Date on board: 66-68 Rate/Rank on board: NSA ET3
Email: davidperkins@newwavecomm.net
Comments: I would like to hear from any former crew and officers.

Pevec, John C.Sr Address: 2158 Tarragon Dr. West Salem, Ohio 44287
Phone: 330-317-8983
Years/Date on board: 68-70 Rate/Rank on board: RDSA to RD2
Email: JPevec7831@aol.com
Comments: "I'd have to say we were known by our deeds, and the operations efficiency "E" speaks volumns." 

Press, William A Address: 2624 Wake Forest Drive Plano, TX 75093
Spouse: Arlene Phone: 972-403-8293 Fax: 972-403-9183
Years on board:1960-1963 Rate/Rank on board: ENS-LTJG
Email: wapress@pressmail.org
Comments: retired from the Naval Reserve in 1964 as CDR. Now retired and living in Texas.

Putnam, Ernest H. Address: 4298 Huff-puff Lane Osage Beach [lake of the Ozarks, mile marker 17 in pogue hollow cove] Mo. 65065
Spouse: Peggy Sue Phone: 573 348 0040 
Years/Date on board: 9 Aug. 1960 - 10 Jul 61 Rate/Rank on board: Signalman [SM3]
Email: p17mile@wmconnect.com
Comments: I liked ship, the duty was fine but didn't care much for key west. real nice to visit but not to live. Would like to hear from old buddies to refresh my memory of the early navy days. May also contact me thru ernputnam@wmconnect.com

Rasmussen,Dick (Richard) Address: Arizona
Spouse: Joy Years/Date on board:1963 to 1966 Rate/Rank on board: EM5
Email: richrayandjoy@hughes.net
Comments: Lot's of memories, I was a 6'4" redhead and worked as an electrician. Played chess and backgammon and cribbage whenever we had time. Just retired from 35 years on the railroad. Curious as to what the guys in our group are doing. Like to reminisce, have old copies of ship family grams and some pictures. Interesting how things are coming out about the Cuban missile crisis. Drop me an email.

Ray, Charles L Address: 3118 Spawn Rd, Schenectady, NY 12303
Spouse: Janet Phone: 518.356.0854
Years/Date on board: Oct'62-Aug'64 Rate/Rank on board: EN3
Email: cray9004@nycap.rr.com or chuck1ray@yahoo.com
Comments: While aboard the Joneswe operated with sonar school, involved in the Cuba Blockade, missle shoots, and some duty in South America. I was discharged the day the Jones got under way to go to Pearl. Since then I have been in very state but HI. Seems that was my chance for all 50. I join US Navy reserves, retired Engineman first. 29 yrs. four mo. The Navy has give me some beautiful memories. Would never trade that time.

Relation, William F Address: 10839 east st. hy. 294 Grapeland Texas 75844
Spouse: Genita Phone: 903-478-2254
Years on board: 60-63 Rate/Rank on board: sog-3 
Email: sssjumper@aol.com
Comments: I was in the crew that got the highest score in sonar at gitmo we were hot team what about John Otis Cole? Didn't see his name here. Sorry to hear about Burr, he was different but a great guy. I also shot myself by accident in 63. I think we had a party for j.o. cole (21)out on the cuban thing and got away with it booze and all at sea. miss all the guys so glad i found this site
where are you all

Richardson, George Address: Reno, Nevada
Years/Date on board: 1961-1963 Rate/Rank on board: RM2

Richmond, Howard Address: 1890 West Hawkridge St Tucson, AZ 85737
Spouse: Anne Hopkins Phone: 520-297-4731
Years/Date on board:1968-1969 Rate/Rank on board: Lt, Operations Officer
Email: richmond@dakotacom.net

Riemann,:Karl   Address: 7411 Belmont Place San Antonio Tex 78240
 Phone:210 722-4971  
Years/Date on board:70-71 Rate/Rank on board: BM2
 Email: karlriemann@gmail.com
 Comments: My first ship out of Brown water Navy,Viet nam, and where I learned how to be a sailor, under Chief Boats Jack Uecker, and Capt Doug Menikheim I have a lot of fond memories of that ship even if it was a cork. Looking for Wayne Arthur pls pass along

Rimey, Robert W. Address: 7914 DOGWOOD DR. MT.AIRY MD 21771
Spouse: DECEASED Phone:1-301 829-2217
Years/Date on board: 64-67 Rate/Rank on board: ENGINEMAN 2ndCLASS

Robinson, William R. Address: 8348 Watertown Dr INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 46216
Phone: 317-547-7520
Years/Date on board: 1963-1965 Rate/Rank on board: FTG-3

Robrecht, Dave   Address: P.O.Box 334, Milford, Pa.18337
Phone: 570-296-8948   Years on board: 1962-66  Rate/Rank on board: STG3
 Email: robrecht@pica.army.mil
Comments: Just learned about Jones webpage, looking forward to contacting former shipmates.

Rogers, Gary Address: Nuevo, CA.
Spouse: Linda Phone: (951)928-9301
Years/Date on board: 63-66   Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email: rogerslr45@verizon.net

Rutledge,John    Address:911 Overview Drive, Dandridge Tennessee, 37725
Spouse: Cheryl
Years/Date on board: 1969-1972   Rate/Rank on board:  IC2
Email: rut848@yahoo.com

Schwartz, Rheu Address: Santa Rosa, California
Spouse: Karen Phone: (707) 538-5333
Years/Date on board: Jan/63 - Dec/64 Rate/Rank on board: SN (ship's office/postal clerk)
Email: rheu@sbcglobal.net

Scholz, John Address: 2150 S. Bruce Ct., Springfield, MO 65804
Spouse: Cynthia Phone: 417 887 3810
Years/Date on board: 1962-64 Rate/Rank on board: Seaman 1st
Comments: Pat Keohane and I served on the Claude Jones from 1962-64. Would love to hear from old ship mates. Expecially those who were under Fisher the Boatswin mates 1st class.

Schomber, Ronald J. Address: 7679 Ely Lake Dr. Eveleth Mn 55734
Spouse:Roseann Phone:218-744-2968
Years/Date on board: l962-l964 Rate/Rank on board: E3 Cook
Email: rrloony@rangenet.com
Comments: Enjoyed my time on board the Claud Jones. Don't miss the sea sickness. Would like to hear from anyone from '62 to '64. Lowell Snyder and I were cooks on the same watch.

Scott, Pat Address: 4255 Latham Rd, Crestview, Fl 32539
Spouse: Janice Phone: 850 682 9668
Years/Date on board: 65-67 Rate/Rank on board: ENS-LTJG
Email: jpsdorcas@dishmail.net
Comments: retired corporate suit and peapicker

Shearouse, William E. Address: 823 West Over Hills Blvd Richmond, VA 23225
Cell Phone: 804 356 2133
Years/Date on board: January 1966- 1969 Rate/Rank on board: SHL 3 
Email: oldshortycomcast.net

Shortreed, Kenneth Address: 240 Woodsong Drive Foley, Alabama 36535
Phone: 251 955 2421
Years on board: 1963-1966 Rate/Rank on board: EN3
Email: kshortr@gulftel.com

Skarecky, James Address: Gurnee, IL.
Spouse: Nancy 
Years/Date on board:67-69 Rate/Rank on board: LTJG, ASW
Email: jim@taters.net
Comments: I was aboard for the 4 month trip to the Indian Ocean, one of my fondest memories of my Navy service. Had a great crew, wardroom, and Captain while serving on 1033. Left the ship so I could make a tour to WESPAC to see some action in the Tonkin Gulf, then moved on to civilian life.

Smyly, Carlton Address: 54 Lema Lane, Palm Coast, Florida
Spouse: Nancy Phone: (386) 445-2526
Years/Date on board: Oct 1960-Dec 1963 Rate/Rank on board: RD 2 CIC
Email: carl173@bellsouth.net
Comments: Enjoyed my time on the ship, Very glad I found this site

Snyder, Lowell (Duke) Address: 1004 Doshire Dr. Orange Park, Fl. 32065
Spouse: Barbara Phone: 904-272-0247
Years/Date on board: Jan. 1960 - April 1963 Rate/Rank on board: CS/3
Email: lowbob_1959@yahoo.com
Comments: It was one of the best ships that I served aboard. Brings back the good old days. It was great cooking for the crew and always had lots of help from Arty. Great to see the names of many I served with.

Solock, George Address: Rt 1 Box 4085 Waynesville Ga 31566
Spouse: Joanna
Years/Date on board: Jul 69 - Aug 70 Rate/Rank on board: Pn2
Email: gsolock@aol.com
Comments: Had a great time while onboard.Have only been touch with one fellow shipmate. Dennis Vice QM2. Anyone who remembers me feel feree to get in touch.

Steburg, Russell    1818 7th Ave. North Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501
7/1969-1/1971   FA  Email: donrusshawks@yahoo.com
Looking for old buddies

Taaffe, Jerry Address: Fairfax, VA 
Years on board: 12/60-6/62 Rate/Rank on board: SN/YN3 Email: jtaaffe@cox.net

Tatar, Tom Address: 4205 Beaujolais Dr Kenner, LA. 70065
Spouse: Laverne Phone: (504) 467-6062
Years/Date on board: 9/61 - 9/63 Rate/Rank on board: IC3
Email: tatart@bellsouth.net
Comments: Spent two years aboard the Jones. Met some great guys and have great memories.

Taylor, Jim Address: Missouri 
Years/Date on board: 1967-1968 Rate/Rank on board:RM3
Email: jmtaylor@ipa.net
Comments: Wish someone would get the ship history' declassified and written up so we can read about it sometime. I liked those specops, and especially the Indian Ocean cruise. I just finished polishing up one of my Mombassa carvings today...

Telck, Alfonso Address: 4321 MercedesMidland, Tx
Spouse: Karen Phone: 432-520-9363
Years/Date on board: 68-69 Rate/Rank on board: IC3
Email: midtelck@swbell.net
Comments:Trying to figure out and or place faces through 40 years of fog.

Terrell, Ronald Address: 12559 SW 144 Terrace, Miami, FL 33186
Spouse: Freida (divorced) Phone: 305 971 2036
Years/Date on board: 6/62 to 5/66 Rate/Rank on board: FN to BT2
Email: engineer0861@yahoo.com
Comments: It was a time and change in my life that I can not explain or ever want to forget. I remember a great number of you fellow mates. Bussa always kept me on my toes and pushed me to apply my self.
We had some pretty good softball and basketball teams. I have a few photos of a lot of you. I ran mostly with John L. Thompson, John Roher (spelled wrong). BUT REMEMBER, guys like Duda, Crewe, Hainsworth, Chief Martin and many others.
Thanks for the memories guys. I hope all of you got out of that experience what I did.

Thompson, David Address: 990 Salt Road, Webster, NY 14580
Spouse: Joan Phone: 585 872-1567
Years/Date on board: 1962-1964 Rate/Rank on board: SN-SK3
Email: djtsalt@gmail.com
Comments: Reported aboard just before the Cuban crisis. My brother, Pete, also aboard the Claud Jones same dates as an Engineman.

Toscano, Jim Address: Norwalk,CT
Spouse: Barbara Phone: 203-846-2948
Years/Date on board: 1965-1967 Rate/Rank on board: SN-Storekeeper
Email: jantdink@yahoo.com

Trader, Jonathan Address: 229 Coolidge Avenue #310 Watertown MA 02472
Phone: 617 308 5544 Years/Date on board: 1961-1963
Email: hometrader@aol.com
Comments: It was a wonderful experience. Hi to all my old shipmates.

Trout, Harry Address: 36 FORDHAM WAY
Spouse:JOYCE Phone: 978 462 3811
Years/Date on board: 2/64 TO 10/66 Rate/Rank on board: ENS/LTJG
Comments: COMM OFFICER 64 / ASW OFF 65-66 

 Spouse: MARY ANN [MULROONEY] TUCKER   Phone: 1-302-227-9343
 Years/Date on board: 1963 TO 1964  Rate/Rank on board: RD-2 (CIC)
 Email: ejtrehobothde@gmail.com
 Comments: I met shipmates that became good friends during my short time on a great ship: USS Claud Jones DE-1033. I was transferred to the USS Claud Jones DE-1033 from the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVA-42 [1960 to 1963]. I been to five yearly reunions with old shipmates from the FDR. I believe that if shipmates from the USS Claud Jones' DESTROYER CLASS DEs would agree to have ship reunions as a DESTROYER SQUADRON it most likely would be successful reunions. Take care. Ed Tucker

Turley, Jack Address: 6442 Big Bear Drive Indian Head Park IL 60525
Spouse: Joanne Phone: 708.246.3444
Years/Date on board:1965 Rate/Rank on board:E2
Email: mak0@sprintmail.com
Comments: I went from Great Lakes Naval Training Center to the Claud Jones in Key West as a Gunner's Mate. We were involved in the secretive multiple Poseidon missle launch off the Azores in late 1965 or 1966. Anyone who witnessed these mutltiple launches from submerged US submarines could never forget it! Later, the ship was home ported to Pearl Harbor, and I was transferred to the USS Taylor, DD 468 where I did several tours of Vietnam. 

Van Benthuysen, Joseph Address: 116Whitetail Drive NewCastle Co
Phone: 970 618 6794 Years/Date on board: 62-64 Rate/Rank on board: QM3
Email: bjv973@Gmail.com
Comments:I remember all the things Mike Zaler recalls plus Kettelhake and standing up at his wedding with? LORNA

Vogt, Stanley Address: 1306 Hillcrest NW Grand Rapids, Mich. 49504
Spouse: Chris Phone: 616 453 0846
Years on board: one year '63-'64 Rate/Rank on board: ST2/ST1
Email: svogt2002@ameritech.net
Comments: Nice to finally see a website for the Jones I was leading sonar tech at the time. We did mostly escorting Russian trawlers from Bahamas to Cuba and back interspersed with being a sonar school ship. I was on board when the chief ET and chief radar cpo's changed all the panels on repeaters in the ship except the sonar equipment.and we kept missing targets during a day of fss school ops and when checking the ships gyros witha servo amp we found that that had been done.

Waggener, Jerry Years on board: 1969-1971 

Walker, Jerry Address: 892 N. DeSmet Buffalo, WY 82834
Spouse: Sherlyn Phone: 307-684-7927
Years/Date on board: May-August 1968 Rate/Rank on board: CTT2
Email: jerrywalker@bresnan.net
Comments: I was onboard during the Indian Ocean cruise. I was part of "THE WHY", really enjoyed the time onboard. Glad I found this site, still look at the cruise book and relive those days.

Walsh, Jim Address: Epsom, NH
Years/Date on board: 66/67 Rate/Rank on board: IC3

Wellborn, Clay Address: 5829 Chevy Chase Pkwy, NW, Washington, DC 20015
Spouse: Edna Maria de Sousa Pontes Phone: 202 707 7545
Years/Date on board:1961-1963 Rate/Rank on board: LTJG
Email: cwellborn@verizon.net

Weybrecht, James (JIM) Address: 2205 SILVERLEAF ROAD,ZIONVILLE,NC,28698
Spouse: Joy Phone: 828-297-6463
Years/Date on board: 6/1965-9/1968 Rate/Rank on board: FTG3

Wilson, Earl Address: 13130 Garnet Ave Apple Valley, MN 55124
Spouse: Nancy Phone: (952) 432-5551
Years/Date on board: 1966-1967 Rate/Rank on board: ENS/LTJG
Email: earl_nancy@frontiernet.net
Comments: Reported aboard after OCS in Jan 66 . Did Sonar school ship ops, cruise to Azores and changed homeports to Pearl via Panama canal. After some yard modifications di Pacific Missle test range ops with the Soviets. Great ship! Served on nine different tin cans during my 32 year career and the Jones was the highlight! Retired in 1990 as a Captain.

Wittenberg,  Fred  Address: 512 Greentree Ave. Point Pleasant  New Jersey 08742
Spouse:N/A divorced Phone: 732 714 8097
Years on board: 1964-1966 Rate/Rank on board: LTJG
Email: derf102@hotmail.com
Comments: Living at the Jersey shore.My time on the Claud Jones was while she was homeported in Key West. I left just before the trip to Pearl Harbor.I remember trips to GTMO, Ocho Rios, Bermuda and the Azores.v

Woodcock, Richard Address: 4125 Nelson Ave. Sarasota, Florida 34231
Phone: 941-350-2825 Years on board: Dec. 64- Jan. 68 Rate/Rank on board: SA-SH2
Comments: I have Memorabilia from the USS ClaudJones if anyone can use any for future Reunions

Zaler, Michael Address: 1612 Bumford Rd. Marion, Ohio 43302
Spouse: Patty Phone: 740-262-8366
Years/Date on board: 1961-1963 Rate/Rank on board: SM3
Email: mzaler@hughes.net

Zerfass, Kenneth Address: 4326 Elm Dr Allentown, PA 18103
Spouse: Donna Phone: 610-395-2340
Years/Date on board:1966 - 1968 Rate/Rank on board: BM3
Email: kenawk@aol.com