We Came Aboard During The 70's
Roster Form

Shipmates as of: August 18, 2015
Adams, Don Address:1625 S. Terry St. Rockport, TX 78382 
Spouse: Debbie Phone: 757-581-1452
Years on board: 73-DeCom   Rate/Rank on board: EMC 
Email: emcmdon@twc.com

Anderson, Donald L. Address: 9313 Hollings St.El Paso, Tx 79924
Years/Date on board: 73-74 Rate/Rank on board: ETR3
Email: Doncg11@yahoo.com

Askins, Bob Address: 1843 S. 11th Place, Rogers, AR 72756 
Spouse: Cindy - Son, Joe age 21
Phone: 479-631-7536 Years on board: 1971 - 1972 Rate/Rank on board: YNSN, YN3

Beseler, Gottfried    Address: 633 Power Plant Road Crystal Falls, MI 49920
Spouse: Rene'  Phone: (906) 367-2181
Years/Date on board: 2/1973-74 Rate/Rank on board: Engineman 2/C
Email: guentherrene@yahoo.com
Comments: I enjoyed being on board the Claude Jones! I had a great time. Anyone who remembers me, please 
email me and perhaps we can chat! Look forward to hearing from you all! Gottfried

Brutto, Carlo Address: 1740 NW Avenida Del Sol Boca Raton, Florida 33432
Phone: 561-251-3618 Years/Date on board: 69-71 Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email: carlobrutto@gmail.com 
Comments: long time

Burger, Carl Address: 7213 191st Ave. E, Bonney Lake, WA
Phone: 253-826-1114
Years/Date on board: 73-75 Rate/Rank on board: RMSA
Email: burgie45@hotmail.com

Butler, Gary  Address: 2126 Gurnesy Dr  Charlotte MI
Spouse:Vicki  Phone:(810) 610-7046
 Years/Date on board:72 73  Rate/Rank on board:ENFN
 Comments:Some of my best memories come from the time spent on the CJ with
 a great bunch guys. At the time not so much but now looking back some of the spec ops 
even had good times.

Cabral, Dave   Address: 7905 PAWNEE WAY ANTELOPE CA
Spouse: PAT    Phone: 916-410-5997
Years/Date on board: 73-74   Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email: cabralpd@hotmail.com

Cane, Bill     Address :  6140 Ingleston Drive #523, Sparks, NV 89436
 Years/Date on board: 71- 72    Rate/Rank on board: RD3
 Email:   bill@wbcane.com
 Comments: I am amazed that I missed the CJ after leaving. Who would have guessed?

Casillas, Don    Address: P.O.Box 304 Calpella Ca 95418
Years/Date onboard: 1970 to 71   Rate/ Rank onboard: E4
Email: don252@msn.com
Comments: I was not on the Jones all that long I transferred from the Carpenter 
but I do remember that she had a good crew and good officers I do remember Mr. Fraunsdorf ENS.

Chew, David W   Address: 2435 Mayfield Terrace El Paso, Texas 79930
Spouse: Mandy   Phone: 915-566-2820 Fax: 915-546-2252
Years on board:  1971-1973 Rate/Rank on board: Ens/Lt(jg), LT 
Email: dwchew@swbell.net

Clark, Nathaniel 1973-1974 ENC

​Coe, Peter  Address: 13 Treetop CtBloomingdaleNJ7403
Spouse: Janis  Phone: 973-294-9108
Years on board:69-71  Rate/Rank on board: QM
Email: wraskal@yahoo.com
​Comments: Good friends  sitting on station Artie and I port and starboard watches. Big seas 35 degree rolls for days

Comstock, Jeffrey   Address: 7201 36th Ave, Crystal, MN 55427
Spouse: Deboriah
Years/Date on board: July 1, 1970 - April 1972 Rate/Rank on board: E3 Leading Seaman

Cooper, Keith   Address: 200 N Quality Ave. Sanger, CA 93657
Spouse: Ada Marie   Phone: 559-797-8135
Years on board: 72-73   Rate/Rank on board: SN corpman striker 
E-mail: cooperk@Verizon.net
Comments: it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. sure do miss it some times.

Crosby, Wesley    Address: 4811 Westway Drive, Bethesda, MD 20816-1729
Phone: 301 229-8479
Years/Date on board: 5/74 - 12/74 Rate/Rank on board: ENFN
Email: wes.12@verizon.net
Comments: All old shipmates can feel free to e-mail. Will always remember the loooong trips to Guam.

Daniel, Mark (DAN) Address: 1607 Linda Lane, Sherman, TX 75090
Spouse: Luann Phone: 903-487-2528 
Years on board: 1973-1974 Rate/Rank on board: BTFN
Email: Mark.Daniel@va.gov or Mark_Daniel1956@yahoo.com
Comments: Wow it's been 30 years

Deckard, David Address: 2504 Brookhaven Drive Edmond, OK 73034-4833 
Spouse: Debra Phone: 405-596-0154
Years/Date on board: 1972-1973 Rate/Rank on board: ICFN
Email: davdeck55@yahoo.com
Comments: The Jones was the best of the three ships I stationed on in Pearl. At least the people were the best. Hawaii was great

Deckrow, Jon Address: 1514 SW 14th PLACECAPE CORAL FLORIDA
Spouse: SUSAN Phone: 239 540 3921
Years/Date on board: 70-72 Rate/Rank on board: SN

Dietz, Robert (Bob) Address: P.O. Box 102, Ocean View N.J. 08320
Phone: 215-266-1235
Date on board:72-73   Rate/Rank on board: EN3
Email: popps9@yahoo.com
Comments: I think about my days on board the Jones often and can only remember great times with some of the best people I ever knew. The pics really take me back.

Donnelly, Art Address: 69 Sw 195th Ave, #238
Spouse: Divorced Phone: 503-642-1151
Years/Date on board:69-71 Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email: donnelly9915@comcast.net
Comments:Until you look back at life you don't realize how much certain situations taught you. Life on the Jones was one of those moments.

Drabek, Jerry Address: 1340 Warmwood Dr. Grand Island, Fl 32735 
Spouse: Lessie Phone: 353-669-9986
Years/Date on board: March-December 74 Rate/Rank on board: RM1
Email: fastjerry@earthlink.net
Comments: I would like to hear from the guys in radio, radar and electronics divs. The C. Jones was my first ship and I believe one of the best of my career. Are there any reunions planned for the CJ? 

Flanagan, Mike Address: 10207 PROSPECT HILL HOUSTON, TEXAS 77064
Phone: 281477 6213
Years/Date on board: 70-71 Rate/Rank on board: PC3

Gibeault, Glenn G Address: 20530 David Ave; Eagle River, AK 99577
Years/Date on board:Aug 70 - Aug 72 Rate/Rank on board:STG3
Email: gjgibeault@yahoo.com
Comments: I fondly remember our 2 WestPacs and several "football" games. We had a great crew, as I can attest to having been assigned to 2 other ships, neither came close to the CJ.

Gilbert, Billy  Address: 11121 TIMBERLINE DRIVE, ALLENDALE MI 49401
 Spouse:NANCY   Phone:231-670-1040
 Years/Date on board:1970-1972    Rate/Rank on board:  F3

Gow, William Address: 1209 Sindiee Terrace, Buffalo Grove, Illinois Spouse: Hindagee 
Years/Date on board: 1971 -1973 Rate/Rank on board: SA,SN,SR 
Comments: I hated the Jones, and was busted many times, but loved the cruises and the parties we had in Sasebo and Hong Kong. Anyone heard from Bill Dick?

Hadley, Thomas L. Address: 735#a School Rd Mckinleyville Calif 95519
Spouse: Cindy plus three kids
Years/Date on board: 70-72 Rate/Rank on board: sa,sn
Email: whtwolf48@aol.com
Comments: As bad as I wanted out I still miss everything that happened.some very 
good memories and some I'd like to forget.

Harper, James P. Address: Riverside, Ca
Years/Date on board: Jan 1972-July 1973 Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email: harper1953@msn.com

Harrington, SM3 Address: Bass River, MA
Years/Date on board: 1971 -1973
Email: c.myrbeck@comcast.net

Henry, Rodney Address: 119 Woodstock, DeKalb, Texas 75559
Years/Date on board: 1973-1975 Rate/Rank on board: E-3
Email:  mrrdhenry@gmail.com

Herr, Bill Address: 303 Daleview Circle Russellville Kentucky 42276
Spouse: Theresa 
Years on board: June 1972 - Sept.1974 Rate/Rank on board: First Lieutenant Ltjg
Comments: Memories of Guam,OlongapoCity,Station Charlie, Sasebo,Midway, Gooney Birds,Spec Ops.,Hilton hotels ,New Years Eve,Daughter born at Tripler,& more; Proud to have been on the Jones.

Herrington, Wayne  70-72  STG2   Email: greyghost1946@yahoo.com

Hillman, Roger Address: 1024 Quinella Drive
Spouse: Anne Phone: 406-252-1042
Years/Date on board: 1973-1974 Rate/Rank on board: SA - OS3
Email: rogerhillman@bresnan.net

Hoback, Steven Address: 408 Keene Way Dr, Nicholasville KY 40356 
Spouse: Vicky Phone: 859-885-8591 Fax: 859-887-0656
Years/Date on board: 1970-1972 Rate/Rank on board: OSSN
Email: sbh40356@windstream.net 
Comments: Greatlife-experience. 

Hooker, Michael Address:1414 Brandt Road #29 Vancouver, Washington 98661
Spouse: Divorced Phone: 305-906-1215
Years/Date on board: 70-73 Rate/Rank on board: ETR3 Email: implanterman@yahoo.com

James, Harold   Address: SAN ANTONIO, TX
Phone: 210-884-7546 Years/Date on board:70-71 Rate/Rank on board: SHL3/SHL2/SHL3
Email: hhejames@yahoo.com

Jennings, Stephen    Address: PSC 78 Box 19   
Phone: 314-735-5838   
Year 71-74  Rate  ET2   
Email  whotherep@yahoo.com

Kampe, John L  Address:1315 Earle Dr National City Ca 91960
Spouse: Sherri Phone: 619 475 0183
Years/Date on board:71 to 73 Rate/Rank on board: MM1
Email: jlk32245@cox.net
Comments: Great site brought back many memories, I was only on board for a short time, but what a great time, fire in the forward head, stack fire number 1 engine room and rupture main engine cooling water hose in Japan(water above the deck plates in #2. A great little ship and crew. 

Keane, John Address: 117 N 4th st Peotone Ill
Years/Date on board: 73-74 Rate/Rank on board: bmsn
Email: keanesweep@yahoo.com
Comments: How ya doing Pax, did you hitch-hike cross country on your honeymoon? Ever hear from Andrade? Merry Christmas to you+family

Kellicut, Kevin Address: West Salem, Wisconsin
Spouse:Marie Phone: 608 786 3009
Years on board:1971-'73 Rate/Rank on board: SN, BM3
Email: kckellicut@yahoo.com
Comments: miss the guys and the ocean

Kilbourne, Tom Address: P.O. Box 953 Osburn, ID 83849
Spouse: Michelle Phone: Cell (208) 512-0784
Years/Date on board: March 73 - Decom Rate/Rank on board: OSSN / OS3
Email:i dahokilbourne@usamedia.tv
Comments: What a great group of people there were on the Jones. Those "Spec Ops" deployments sure created a lot of material for great memories.

Lee, John Address: 30 Gladney Avenue Toms River, NJ 08753
Spouse: Susan   2 sons     Phone: 732-995-7288
Years/Date on board: 70-72 Rate/Rank on board: RM3
Email: jleept109@comcast.net
Comments: Trying to stay healthy would like to hear from you guys.: call or e-mail me, if you call please leave a voicemail Thanks

Lowder, Danny C. Address: 431 Smith St. Albemarle N.C. 28001
Spouse: Hazel Phone: 704-982-0747
Years/Date on board:1971 - 1973 Rate/Rank on board: GMG2
Email: DannyCLowder@eaton.com

Marsh, Marcus Address: 4708 Thor Way, Carmichael, CA 95608
Years/Date on board: 70-71 Rate/Rank on board: Ensign
Email: mmarsh@csus.edu

McCarthy, Kevin M. Address: 272 Sea Meadow Drive Portsmouth RI 02871
Spouse: Patricia ("Patty") Phone: 401-683-2622 Fax: 401-847-5370
Years/Date on board: 1/70-6/71 Rate/Rank on board: LTjg
Email: mccarthyk@newportfederal.com

McWhirter, Mike Address: Las Vegas, NV Spouse: Jan
Years on board: 1972-1973 Rate/Rank on board: LT/LCDR
Email: mmcwhirter@cox.net

Medus, Paul     Address: 2325 Starling Drive, Louisiana Spouse: Gail 
Phone: (337) 942-8657 Fax: (337) 407-8200
Years/Date on board: 73-74 Rate/Rank on board: RMSN
Email: psmedus@hotmail.com
Comments: The most surprising thing I learned when I got out the Navy was how much I missed the Claud Jones. I know there were some rough times ... called out on New Year's Eve. But hey, we loved the Penthouse we rented for a weekend when we got back. Also, I loved the starry nights, seeing all those shooting stars. Moonbows (rainbows) and a full moon rising on the Pacific's horizon in the middle of the night was absolutely incredible. 

Menikheim, Doug    Address:527 S. Broadway, Stillwater, MN 55082
Spouse: Mary Louise Conley Menikheim
Phone: 612-382-4929 
Years/Date on board:1971-72  Rate/Rank on board: LCDR
Comments: Would welcome hearing from anybody who was there during my tour

Mooney, Robert Address: 1025 29th lane Pueblo, Co. 81006
Spouse: Deanna Phone: 719-948-2234
Years/Date on board: 1972 to 1973 Rate/Rank on board: EN3
Email: bobmoonpie1@hotmail.com
Comments: I enjoyed My time on the Jones I live in the same town as another shipmate who worked in number two engine room.

Moore, Harry Address: Denver CO
Years/Date on board: 72-74 Rate/Rank on board: CSSN
Email: harryjmoore@hotmail.com
Comments: I was the worst cook ever. I appologize to all of my shipmates. Finally left in early 74 and went to HM A school. Retired in 1999 as an LCDR 

Norris, John Address: 408 Palmer Ct. Riverwoods, Illinois 60015
Spouse: Nicki Phone: 847-945-6293 
Years/Date on board: 1972-1974 Rate/Rank on board: ENS/LTJG
Email: littlejwn@comcast.net

Novotny, Randy Address: 14006 Pierce Street, Omaha,Nebraska 68144-1034
Spouse: Judi Phone: 402-709-2401
Years/Date on board: 1971/72 Rate/Rank on board: IC2
Email: p1o9p4e9ye@aol.com

Pallas, Chuck Address: 1219 Pipestone Rd Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022
Spouse: None Phone: 269-934-7893
Years/Date on board: '72 to Decommission Rate/Rank on board: FN to EN3
Email: golfoftonkin1@aol.com
Comments:Vietnam, westpac, Hogans heros you call we hail. Hong kong ,Tom Vine,N.T. Clark, swim call with the sharks, fire in the engine room, losing steering in the gulf of tonkin with the gun ship on the horison, running out of food following the Russion sub for weeks,and all the tear and fun. and the love for your shipmate no matter how long you been away PRICELESS!Thanks. 

Patterson, Terry Address: 916 Broadmore Est. Goshen, Indiana 46528
Years/Date on board: 1974 Rate/Rank on board: OS1
Email: terry.patterson@comcast.net
Comments: For what it is worth department, the picture of the ship in Pearl with the cars in the foreground. The MG is mine, the Opal GT Belomged to LtJg John Norris

Peacock,Tim Address:16300 Skyliners Rd.
Spouse:Linad Peacock Phone: 541-382-8885
Years/Date on board:1972-1974 Rate/Rank on board: FN-3
Email: peacocktruckandauto@msn.com
Comments: good old days?

Penny, Eric Address: Lemon Grove CA Spouse: Kelli,daughter Karin 
Years/Date on board: 2/73-12/74 Rate/Rank on board: SN
Email: Eric_Penny@dot.ca.gov
Comments: 30 years down the road the CJ was the best of times, especially compared to my next ship, USS Tulare (LKA 112)-a real slave ship. I see BM3 Arthur listed on this site but the e-mail address is no good. Any helpers?

Poston, Mike         Address: 2125 south 191st street   Omaha, Ne 68130
Spouse: Wendy Phone: 402 333 2477
Years/Date on board: 1972-1974 Rate/Rank on board: Ens-LtJG
Email: mp95735@windsteam.net

Poynter, Steve Address: Austin TX
Years on board:1972 Rate/Rank on board: RM Email: poyntersteve@hotmail.com

Rainey, Ron Years/Date on board: 1972-1973 Rate/Rank on board: SK3
Email: cookiemunster@wavecable.com

Ramthun, Fred Address: 2690 Main St. Lemon Grove, Ca 91945
Phone: 619 589 0302 
Years/Date on board: July 1972 - August 1974 Rate/Rank on board: Electrician E-6
Email: fast_fred40@yahoo.com
Comments: Messdeck Master @ Arms , In charge of electric shop, party heavy at Bellows, nickname Fast Freddy

Reeves, Timothy Alan Address: 404 W Washington Street Urbana, IL 61801
Spouse: Eleanora Michelle Reeves Phone: 217-722-3856
Years/Date on board: 1973-1974 Rate/Rank on board: enginemen
Email: timsweett@gmail.com
Comments: pls feel free to contact

Remshak, Tom Address: Milwaukee, WI 53222
Years/Date on board: 71-74 Rate/Rank on board:EN3
Email: tremshak@myexcel.com

Rinaldi, John C. Address: 100 Hampton Rd Lot #151 Clearwater, FL 33759 formerly from Brooklyn NY
Cell Phone: 848-248-8705
Years on board: WESTPAC '72-'73 then Ford Is. Medical Holding Co.
Rate/Rank on board: OSSA
Email: Johnnyhand52@aol.com or johnhand@optonline.net
Comments: Where's Bill Dick, Bill Gile, Von Magga? Anyone remember us camping in Sasebo??

Robbins, Rodney Address: 1304 Walden Ct Spouse: Mary Jo Phone: 303 776-7533
Years/Date on board: 1971 - 1974 Rate/Rank on board: FTGSN, FTG3
Email: rodrob7@msn.com
Comments: Memories - 20 days off Vietnam without boilers for fresh water Midnight general Quarters for a stack fire from engine room to top.

Roberts, Jim Address: P.O. Box 7069 Phone: 719-686-1485
Years/Date on board:1971-1974 Rate/Rank on board: RM3

Robinson, Dennis " Robbie" Address: Kingsland, GA
Phone: (912) 322-6489
Years/Date on board: July 73- Decom Rate/Rank on board: SMSN
Email: robinson_dl@msn.com
Comments: "You Called We Hauled"

Rodemeyer, Ed  Address: 501 Cabrillo Ave Santa Cruz, CA 95065
Spouse: Bonnie   Phone: 831-462-3467 Fax: 831-475-8417
Years/Date on board: 1972 -1974 Rate/Rank on board: MR3 -MR2
Email: erodemeyer@aol.com

Rohlich,Karl   Address:2101 pecos street,austin,tx 78703
Phone: 414-217-7878
 Years/Date on board:less tan one year   Rate/Rank on board:Ensign
 Email:  krohlich@gmail.com
 Comments:interested in hearing from shipmates

Roy, Ken Address: 1415 Anderson Ave Maryville. TN 37803
Spouse: Mary Lynn Phone: 865 982-6925
Years/Date on board: 73-75 Rate/Rank on board: CTT3
Email: k6b9r0@hotmail.com
Comments: Was not regular crew, was a spook but spent more time on Claud Jones than on shore

Sanchez, Marty Address: MI 
Years on board: 1971 Rate/Rank on board: QM

Sosamon, Michael Address: Peroria, Illinios Years on board: 73-74
Email: Sosamon_Michael@Integrits.com

Stuart, James Address: P.o. Box 1001, Poway, CA 92074-1001
Spouse: Nope..done it twice Phone: 858-682-5474
Years/Date on board: 70-73 Rate/Rank on board: CTM3
Email: jfstuart@cox.net
Comments: Wasn't ships compliment, but did my time at sea with some of the best in the Pacific on TAD. I did time on all 4 of the DE's....those round bottomed corks. Could have sworn we started rocking before we left the harbor sometimes. Would like to hear from anyone who either knew me, or any of the other CT's from Pearl that worked on board. Sure have some fun stories I remember.

Swinburnson, Cory Address: 4185 Pipeline Rd Blaine WA 98230
Spouse: Julia Phone: 360-332-3537
Years/Date on board: 1974 Rate/Rank on board: LTJG
Email: cmswinburnson@fedex.com

Tardona, Lou Address: 10330 Cleghorn Drive, San Antonio, FL 33576
Spouse: Penny Phone: 352-588-9973
Years/Date on board: 1974 Rate/Rank on board: CTTSA
Email: ltardona@aol.com
Comments: CT Rider. Pony Express Mission in Fall of 1974. Crossed Equator on 17 Oct 1974. Was the Queen to King Neptune. Short of Chief Initiation Shellback was the Best. Claud Jones holds dear place in my heart. Became Shellback on CJ a day I will never forget. Enjoyed my time as one of Hogan's Hero's especially since he went through Shellback initiation with us

Uecker, Jack Address: 18814 HWY 83
Spouse: MADELINE Phone: 830-640-8355
Years/Date on board: 1970-1972 Rate/Rank on board: BMC
Email: robdee@wildblue.net
Comments: HAWAII

Vice, Dennis Address: Corona, CA
Spouse: Barbara Phone: (951)817-0750
Years/Date on board:Dec 69 to June 70 Rate/Rank on board: Qm2
Email: dennischlabs@yahoo.com

Voigtland, Ken Address: Middletown, NY Spouse: Sue
Years on board: 70-72 Rate/Rank on board: ?? 
Comments: It's great to see the pictures from Sasebo. 

Welsh, Dave Address: 208 West Main ST POBox 816 Sheffield, PA 16347
Spouse: Darlene Phone: 814 688 4347
Years/Date on board: 1971-1975 Rate/Rank on board: E5 SK2
Email: dlwretired@westps.net
Comments: I now have Agent Orange 
Have three grown children, Christopher,Kevin and Kayla, Have been looking for this site for a long time! I have Clyde Hardman's info if anyone would like it. 

Warren, Jim Address: 7343 Chandler Dr. NE Belmont, MI. 49306
Phone: 616-863-8964 
Years/Date on board: October 1971-January 1973 Rate/Rank on board: SN/FN Electrical
Email: ksholcomb@comcast.net
Comments: It's been a long time, have thought a lot of the ship mates and friends. The West Pack had some great times and some not so great times. I loved the travel but not the long duration at sea. 

Wassell, James Address: ON THE ROAD
Phone: 253-315-4244 Years/Date on board: 72-74 Rate/Rank on board: FA,FN,EN3
Email: JSW234@aol.com

Weber, Mark A Address: Box 32, Clare Lane North Lake, Wisconsin, 53064 
Phone: 262-966-7012
Years on board: Oct.'71 - Oct.'73 Rate/Rank on board: SN, OS3
Email: teachweber@aol.com
Comments: It is good to see someone finally start on the web,a Claud Jones site of her very own. I look back on those years aboard, and the saying,"it was the best of times and it was the worst of times", keeps coming back to me. The friends we made and the places we went, may never be equaled again in our lifetimes. Being a floating target off of Haiphong, taking on water in a typhoon off of Japan, seeing shipmates die while on board, were the bad times, but making such good friends among such a tight crew and visiting exotic ports and seeing the world, make up for most. Where were we homeported? Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, can you ask for anything more?

Wilcox, Michael Address: Gold Bar, WA
Spouse: Nancy Phone: 425-791-0871
Years/Date on board: 70-72 Rate/Rank on board: E3
Email: mikew4201hotmail.com/

Wittman, Dave Address: Lakeland, Fl Spouse: Patti
Years on board: 1970-1972 Rate/Rank on board: OS2
Email: dewittman@aol.com
Comments: Who wouldn't remember the Jones? She was my first and favorite ship. Spec Ops took us to the greatest beaches in the world - Midway Island. Loved those nightly Constant Bearing / Decreasing Range manuevers with the Ruskies. Did we ever beat them in any of the bridge-to-bridge chess games?

Young, Dennis Address: 116 Hann Apt. A, Denton, Texas 
Spouse: Annette Have five kids with the last wife. Phone: 940-300-0319/940-566-2463 
Years/Date on board: '71-'73 Rate/Rank on board:Fn E-3 
Email: mywolf52@yahoo.com 
Comments:As others have stated, I didn't want to be where we were to much. It was our duty and my honor to do so. Crew was the best, we pulled each other along daily. Learned things I needed to get through life, and a few I wouldn't wish on anyone. Japan.......yea...confidential info. LOL