Avondale Marine Ways Incorporated at Avondale, Louisiana built USS Claud Jones DE1033, the first of its Class of destroyer escorts. and launched on 27 May 1958. Outfitted at the U. S. Naval Shipyard, Charleston, South Carolina, she was commissioned in February 1959. 

Displacement: 1314 Tons standard  1,970 tons full load
Dimensions: 95.1 x 11.84 x 3.7 meters  312 x 38.9 x 12.1 feet
Propulsion: 4 Fairbanks-Morse 38ND8 Diesels  9,240shp  7000bhp 1 shaft
Speed: 20-22 knots
Range: 7,000 NM @12kts 
Crew: 171 (12 Officers)
Radar: SPS-6E 2-D air search
Sonar: respectively: EDO 786; SQS-45(V)  SQS-39(V)
SQD-42(V) hull mounted MF
EW: WLR-1 intercept 
Armament: 1 76.2mm/50cal SP, 6-324mm US Mk 32, 2 triple 12.75 inch torpedo tubes for Mk 46 torpedoes, 2 12.7 mm MG  Also: 1 dual 37 mm, 1 dual 25 mm; 341 also: 2 x 3"/50 Mk 33, 2 Mk 11 Hedgehog ASROC ASW Hedgehog ASW mortar) 

1962, (24 October-30 November): participated in the Cuban Missile Crisis.
During the Cuban Blockade the Claud Jones became flagship Desron 8 for a period of time and the home port was changed from Key West to Newport, Rhode Island. The Claud Jones during that time received the Navy Expeditonary medal,and Armed Forces Expeditionary medal.

Since commissioning the ship has sailed to Europe twice, and has operated extensively in the Caribbean as a unit of Destroyer Division 601, homeported at Key West, Florida, On I May 1966 the Claud Jones changed homeports to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

While homeported in Hawaii Claud Jones served as a unit of Escort Division 11, Escort Squadron 1 and, as a unit of Destroyer Squadron 39. Since moving to Hawaii, the ship has operated in practically all reaches of the Pacific and had made one deployment to the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean deployment was significant in that Claud Jones had now operated In every major area of the world and had served under every major fleet commander
During deployments in 1971 and 1972, the Claud Jones entered the Gulf of Tonkin and supported U.S. military operations in Vietnam.
Claud Jones has been awarded two Meritorious Unit Commendations; one for operations during the Indian Ocean Deployment (19674968) and one for operations with CTF 92(1970)

On 16 December 1974, The USS Claud Jones (DE 1033) was DECOMMISSIONED and transferred to the Indonesian Navy

Concept/Program: Ex-USN frigates. Weapons & electronic outfit varies. All refitted 1979-82 at Subic Bay. 

                 First Official Photo

I came across my copy recently while going through some old photos. This was the photo used for any official purpose when I reported on board in January 1960. It remained the official photo until late 1962. I understood that it was taken on the Mississippi River, when the ship was underway from the building yard in Avondale, LA. I am not sure if it was taken before or after commissioning. If you look closely you can see that the domes over two of the ECM antennas were not installed. No division insignia had been painted on the side of the superstructure either. After her shakedown cruise the ship was attached to Destroyer Division 601 in Key West, FL, her home port when I reported.

                                    William A. Press, CDR, USNR, Retired