Fremantle/Perth, Western Australia, welcomed the JONES with a good bit of the legendary Australian hospitality. “Angels”, “flying” and walking, seemed to take care of the Jones Boys at each turn; but they must have seen the weather forecasts, for they deserted us when we went around the Great Australian Bight - experiencing the roughest weather of an otherwise calm four months.

Many felt that Melbourne was the best of all liberty ports. We were moored in the center of town and had to establish procedures to disseminate all of the telephone invitations for a “home—cooked” meal! It was winter “Down Under”, and the blues were pulled from stowage.
Pago—Pago, American Samoa, put us back in a “pineapple” climate, and whites were donned for a perusal of the cable car and the local scene while fueling overnight.

Next stop, Pearl Harbor! Just what the doctor ordered for the homesick Jones Boys - who had travelled 25, 000 miles, eaten 5, 100 tons of meat, drunk 1, 380, 000 gallons of water, and had paved a road for Pacific Fleet Ships in the Indian Ocean.

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