Doug Menikheim   
In 1984, after a 28-year career, Doug Menikheim retired from the U.S. Navy. During that time the focus of his effort was in leadership positions, having commanded 3 combatants and a shore station. Following his naval career, he spent time with Honeywell Inc. as the Director of Executive Development for the Aerospace and Defense Business.  

He joined St. Thomas as a faculty member in 1986 and has taught in the MBA, MIM and MBC programs. He was the initial coordinator of the Aspen/St. Thomas Seminar Program and was appointed an adjunct professor in 1991. He also was a co-founder and coordinator for Leading Beyond, a leadership development program for senior executives. Currently he is the Director of the Center for Leadership at the Graduate School of Public Administration and Management at Hamline University. 

Doug Menikheim has a B.S. in Naval Science from the United States Naval Academy, an MS in Personnel Administration and has completed the course work for the Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology. He and his wife returned in the fall of 1994 from a year-long, around-the-words "adventure" during which they visited 20 countries, 2 city-states and one republic. He has spent significant time in China and Taiwan leading classed and observing leadership/organizational practices in those cultures

LCDR D.K. Menikheim
Let's see, if we go this way
and they go that way
will we miss them?
Ship's Captain Menikheim congratulating BM2 Brown in the Wardroom in front of Admiral Claud Jones photo.  Probably in early '72

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Professor Menikheim
LCDR  W.M. Meginniss   July 1960 - Nov.1961   info needed
LCDR George R. McKee Jr July 1966- 16 Dec. 1967