From Guam we passed to another scene of World War II action — the San Bernadino Straits
- enroute to Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines. The Battle of Leyte Gulf was a major naval battle which took place in the same tranquil picturesque waters.
USS JASON (AR 6) received us alongside for three days of final preparation in our last U. S. Navy port. “Final preparations” also included good liberty in the fabled Olongapo City.
We headed into the unknown on 3 May. A few hours’ transit of the Vietnam War zone qualified us for a month of tax free pay - a liberty bonus which most wives probably never heard about!

Apra, Guam, 26 April

We entered our first “West-Pac port” after nine days of steaming. Apra Harbor Guam, is on the largest and southernmost island of the Mariana chain. Discovered in 1521, Guam today is an important link in the transportation and logistics route for the Vietnam war effort. Though only tied up for six hours we had time to refuel, to visit the exchange, and to onload some “Brew” for a future picnic on some desert island.
Subic Bay, 
Republic of the Philippines
1-3 May

Don't Worry the Captain will never know
No More Water Hours...