Penang is an island settlement in Northern Malaysia consisting of Penang Island and Province Wellesley, a stretch of territory on the Malay Peninsula adjacent to the island. The population of 500, 000 is about half Chinese, seventeen percent Indian, and thirty-three percent Malay. Located at a shipping intersection of the Indian Ocean, Penang began to flourish in the eighteenth century under British entrepreneurs; however it was soon eclipsed by the rise of Singapore. In 1948 Penang became a member of the Malaysian Federation. Vietnam war zone R and R personnel flock to Penang, but for U. S. Navy vessels it is truly a strange and foreign port. CLAUD JONES made only a brief fuel stop but the stories and pictures brought back by a few sightseers intrigued the Jones Boys and set an expectant atmosphere for the westward journey.
Penang, Malaysia, 7 May 

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