Another Soviet ship from their "dual purpose" fleet.  (Half commerical, Half military)
This looks like a Soviet Satellite Communications ship.
This one is a Soviet missle submarine, I think.
The last Special Operations cruise the Claud Jones took. 
 I believe it was in Early '74.
Here are cameras set up on ship to record Soviet ships....hopefully submarines and support ships. The cameras welded to the fore deck were for recording the lift off.   We did that exercise twice, and in the three years I was onboard we did two, maybe three, but for sure two missile shots and one Soviet Out of Area exercise where we found a Soviet sub, a Foxtrot class diesel boat and then followed it nearly all the way back to Vladivostock. 
Midway Island Entrance from the pier.

The Midway goonies and the soviet trawlers are of the Soviet Missile tests of their ICBM Mirv
All Photos are from Mark Weber & Dave Wittman
Written info is from David Chew

'74 russian sub
swim call 74 Equator
1974 Russian Sub?  The photos of the submarines are US submarines called off patrol, refitted in Guam with test warheads and then we trailed them and circled them until they test fired their ICBM
Swim Call '74 at the Equator
Claud Jones at Midway