ST2 Thomas during one of the Casino Nights, held while we were out at sea, while on WestPac
Buddha at Kamakura, overlooking the entrance to Tokyo Bay.
Ens. Debala on one of the bridge watches at sea, with QM3 Rick Jarvis at extreme right bridge window
 Taylor D. Kelly, from Texas, on left. who is the one in Glasses?
Kite Flying
name the guitarists jamming in the Gulf of Tonkin
John Deckrow, Harvey Martin and SN Stevens of First Division waiting for an UnRep
Looking for Commies
ship Claud Jones Stopped on the Notification Line off of Haiphong in the Gulf of Tonkin, Summer of '72.
Helo from the USS Saratoga, CV60, bringing us our mail, Gulf of Tonkin.
Mail Call

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Updated on: December 6, 2013
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